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If the media also does not have a copyright tag, You then should also insert a single. In case you established/took the picture, audio, or video clip then you can use self

File:Judean_Desert_IMG_1903.JPG has long been stated at Commons:Deletion requests so that the Local community can go over regardless of whether it should be held or not. We'd recognize it if you may visit voice your feeling concerning this at its entry.

Hello Deror avi, as you could see at COM:UDEL, I have restored the four recordings. Given that the 4 recordings are derived functions which happen to be excempt from copyright constraints as They're considered incidental, it'd be Possibly handy to produce a template similar to FoP-Israel which refers to COM:DM#Israel.

Many thanks for your email pertaining to this. I'm sorry however that I'm not inclined to undelete this. I'd hope by given that you'd recognise that deletion conversations are never ever merely votes so the volume of votes isn't the only deciding component. Getting completely shown in a community position was just one difficulty. The opposite relates to what art works are permitted underneath the exemption. The argument introduced that paintings might be permitted by the exemption isn't convincing, especially in gentle of Presenti opinions, created soon after the majority of that deletion discussion, that "a creative work developed for artistc intent is certainly not used art ( e.

File:Abba_Yavniel.JPG has actually been stated at Commons:Deletion requests so the community can discuss whether it ought to be retained or not. We'd respect it if you might drop by voice your viewpoint relating to this at its entry.

נוסף לכתיבת השירים, מופיעה ברומן חידה, המתכתבת עם החידות שמופיעות במדורי הילדים.

Many thanks for all The nice do the job. Anyway, if you are still thinking of undertaking One more translation, I believe 5-2nd rule would make a very good one, but which is just my feeling. You won't have to hear.

Notice that any unsourced and untagged photographs is going to be deleted one week after they happen to be uploaded, as described on requirements for fast deletion.

File:Wikipedians_P1070731.JPG has long been listed at Commons:Deletion requests so that the Neighborhood can examine irrespective of whether it should be stored or not. We'd recognize it if you could potentially go to voice your viewpoint concerning this at its entry.

i am also a lawyer and photographer..coming to israel to take shots and try to find a spouse and children "golden e book" that is definitely supposedly near to 1000 decades outdated..and taken to isreal by my grandmother during the 70's .

מתוך שברי משפטים בונה הקורא את סיפור ההתעללות המחרידה מתוך תודעתה של הסבתא:The main reason lies in equally challenges - telling put loud experiences that took place within the click here age of five when she lacked articulated language skills. That makes it extremely hard for her to make use of a standard linear plot. The other problems in revealing her consistently brutal rape as a helpless kid, is The truth that she had never ever dared even mentioning it to herself considered the decades. Fragmented sentences and broken narratives are all she can use and they are a challenge for the reader so he can recreate a coherent Tale, such as the horrific sexual abuse, as appearing inside the grandmother's consciousness.

File:TPM.jpg has actually been outlined at Commons:Deletion requests so the community can focus on irrespective of whether it ought to be held or not. We would value it if you could check out voice your view about this at its entry.

For particulars on what is acceptable, please read Commons:Licensing. You may additionally obtain Commons:Copyright policies beneficial, or you'll be able to inquire questions on Commons insurance policies for the Commons:Aid desk. The file you additional may before long be deleted. If you think this file will not be a copyright violation, remember to describe why around the file's talk web site.

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